Dungeon Architect

@DrintThisPotion - Combine the spartial constrain for floor corner - there is an example here a few posts back by Ali that works really well! You can mark all corners and spawn things “near those markers” or spawn void elements near the market making it empty. You can also use the spartial constrain from my answear for pillars corner detection.

[MENTION=28980]Ali Akbar[/MENTION] - How to make a dungeon that is instanced meshes and then spawn powerups that are actors on top of it? not instanced, but use certain rules of the dungeon. I am using the same construction as file land spliting the dungeons. however its still one dungeon on one rule set.
Maybe if its 2 dungeons and one is instanced and one is not? but they use the same random? But Im afraid on the performance to spawn every dungeon twice.

stairs acting crazy

hello, how to fix this? getting this issue on almost every seed, am i missing something?

ok I give up. How to I access the source code?

Nevermind. I figured it out. Sorry for the noise.

I did not see the marketplace folder…

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.15\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\DungeonArchitect\Source

Interesting approach. Hadn’t thought about using “near” or “not near” in conjunction with the corner markers to get at the center-most markers.
By the way, there’s a corner marker emitter example in the example kit which you could use instead of the ground marker trick.

I am going to give what you’re saying a try.

For the corridors, though, there can be a ton of space between the centermost ground / wall markers and the corners.

Anyway I’m going to give it a try and see how it comes out.


Stairs are all crazy

does anyone have the same problem, how to fix this? this happens on almost every seed i looked.

Adjusting stair correction tolerance helps with this, but unfortunately doesn’t eliminate it completely.

I use stair correction tolerance of 40.0 because if the stairs are ever close together it looks really silly.

I also use max allowed stair height of 1.

Are there any other tweaks anyone has found that would eliminate this completely? If we can’t find a way to fix this I’ll have to use max allowed stair height 0 :


So far, snap map is giving me the best results for my game-level type. Any chance we’ll see some theme (or theme-like) integration with snap map? Basically, I’d love to be able to place actors in my snap BPs that serve as markers (like the MySnapConnection ones) that are then replaced / spawn things from the theme editor using the rules system, etc.

Just wanted to say thanks, your suggestion led me on a magical journey of discovery. It still doesn’t cover 100% of cases, but it comes pretty close. Being able to have a marker only generated if an actor or mesh is placed turns out to be very useful.


When I’m using the Spatial Constraints to toggle the Empty/Occupied/Ignore flags, I notice over a short amount of time FPS decreases massively until it’s so bad I have to close UE4. Once reopened it is fine again until I start using the Spatial Constraints again and then the same will happen over time.
It seems like some kind of memory leak?

I don’t know if it’s specific to my machine or a general issue but I thought I would notify you regardless.


Hey man love your plug-in. im thinking of making a top down tactical shooter with melee combat and a build your own class system like in rpgs. does this plug in support 2d and orthographic view, so like police stories or bastion. im horrid at art so i was wondering in doing 2d but the on 2d support is in unity. am i missing something or could you help me.

im kinda new to game development so if it has to be a custom thing could you point me in the right direction?
thanks a tonne!!

Ah, man! This is so freaking cool. Superbly amazed, haha; can’t wait to see more of this–hopefully I can try it out, soon!

I got some question… DungeonA and B in same Level . Dungeon A has some actor node and build is fine.but When I build Dungeon B , A all actor node disappear …how to fix it…thx…

@Ali I have this strange problem - on projects with source control after saving them up. closing. and reopening all my dungeon themes lose almost everything in them. all static mesh presets go NONE. the arrows and rules stay in place. every mesh gets cleared. I got over 140 nodes in the most basic dungeon… thats a pain in the ***. Ever seen something like this?
I use 2 EPIC accounts on a single computer. I al usualy logged on to the one with dungeon architect bought and in vault.

fantastic plugin! ive recently begun using it and im excited to move onto the more intricate parts of it.

however, whenever i try to package my project i get this error


this happens on both dev and shipping build, and this is testing the plugin by itself in a new third person demo project.
in the editor everything works fine, i have a dungeon and linked theme placed in the level. but whenever i try to play it out of the editor it crashes, and i guess its because of the dungeon theme not having a reference. so i think this has something to do with the dungeon architect files/dlls/cpps being included in my packaged build, but im not sure, anyone have any idea why this would happen and how to fix it?

Ali I need a little tip here. I am using grid for spawning buildings in specific places. I am using a single marker emitter that emitts room centers for grid and palce the building in the center. It gives me pretty nice control over the placement and elevation of the buildings, as well as allow me to mix this way of building placement with grid based buildings that actually are built on theme override. So a mixture of “blueprint” base dbuildings and grid based buildings on a single spawner that can manage several towns with different themes. However I cant somehow manage to rotate those buildings! :frowning: I wanted to use marker override for the emitted center marker to a rot90 marker in example, but it just doesn’t override. If I however rotate the mid marker all buildings rotate in that axis and it works. So I need a system to spawn a lot of staff - thru one of 4 spawn rots. one way to do it is make 4 dungeons and rot each 90 degree and spawn specific buildings on specific dungeons but I bet there is an easier way to do it.

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of response these past few days

@atarimar 2.6.2 should be available now with 4.16 support

@DrinkThisPotion I have a solution attached. It uses the IsNearMarker function to query if there is a wall marker next to the relative left / right of the marker position. This is done by first moving the marker transform to the left (relative movement) and check if there is a wall marker using the IsNearMarker function. Repeat using the right. I’ve wrapped this in a function so you can reuse it with different combinations

I’ve added the search count and it should be available in the next build

Both the input (marker transform) and search works on marker positions and it won’t work with actor locations (chances are they won’t be spawned yet when this executes). So the offset you apply to your actors in the mesh node won’t be taken into account and you should search for their marker positions instead

Could you give me an example and I’ll have a closer look?

It should work with custom marker emitter scripts. ~200 units seem pretty small (half a tile in the default art assets), unless your modular art is also very small. Maybe you meant 2000?