Dungeon Architect

@n00854180t Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the heads-up. There’s an undocumented marker named “RoomOpenSpace” that is spawned in the center of each room. I’ll add it and other stuff if it is useful. From here you can get the size of the room (from the cell structure) and place your custom stuff here. I’ll post a sample soon.

That sounds like exactly what I need, thanks man :slight_smile:

Added the ability to Override the material on a mesh node

The following scene was generated with a theme that contains a single cube mesh with different materials overridden in the node

I haven’t heard from Epic yet. I’ll sell it directly through Sellfy soon to continue funding further development

Well my wallet is ready! Bahaha, So do you have any other ideas as in plugins that you might be making or wanting to make? Just curious as your current stuff is pretty much vital to most projects so hoping to get a heads up on your next stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m down. I’ll make sure I’m subscribed to this thread to ensure I get updates. I’ve slowly been putting together other elements to make the development process easier. Putting together a pipeline. It’s gonna be great! Really looking forward to heavily using your system. I read the user guide doc and was wondering if the ceilings where part of the manual creation or part of the automatic creation? I assume you could create them as a offset floor deco maybe. I’d have to kind of look into it more when I get my hands on it.

I’ve put it up for sale. Right now 4.7 and 4.8 are supported. I’ll support 4.9 very soon.

You can buy it from here:

Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

Edit: Updated purchase link to point to my website

Just about to buy it but I’m wondering how will we be getting updates and what will happen when you get this on Unreal Marketplace?

EDIT: Ali come on man xD “Can’t perform the transaction. The seller has been notified and hopefully will resolve this soon.”

I’m also curious how it works re: Marketplace if we buy first on Sellfy. That said it may be a while until Epic works out the plugin stuff for Marketplace, so I’ll be picking it up regardless.

@Ali - is the Room marker in the versions on Sellfy already? And/or will it be in the 4.9 version? Thanks dude :slight_smile:

Ah that sucks. I’ll contact support and get it resolved soon

What does it say the errors were?

I’ll post updates on both Sellfy and Marketplace. Right now I have separate folders for each major version (4.7, 4.8 with 4.9 coming soon) with source and binaries for Win64 and Mac. You can redownload at any time from the sellfy account.

It will be easier to manage if you buy it from the marketplace as it would seamlessly integrate with the launcher, but they seem to be taking time. They also have a ~1.5 month old version of DA. I’ve added a lot more stuff so I’ll be resubmitted a newer version for them to review again.

I’ll also explore options of GitHub access so you can get the latest changes or switch between the different branches within your git repo (for 4.7, 4.8 etc)

@n00854180t Yes, room marker is there. Its also in the early access version :stuck_out_tongue: You can create a new marker and rename it to “RoomOpenSpace” and it will spawn the nodes attached to it in the center of the room

I didn’t get any message from them. I filed a support ticket. It works for others though. Looks like paypal configuration issue from my end. I’ll wait for their response and see this tomorrow. Thanks for choosing to buy DA :slight_smile:

“Can’t perform the transaction. The seller has been notified and hopefully will resolve this soon.” As soon as I clicked the first button to submit my email

I didnt even get to the payment part lol added it to cart and put my email in and it gave that error xD

Just saw this in the docs. Looks like paypal payments are blocked in India

I’ll think of some other way :expressionless:

See you all tomorrow. Have a good day :slight_smile:

@Ali - dang, that sucks mate.

Re: the Room marker, I thought that’s what you might have meant but I wasn’t sure. I’ll check it out ASAP and report my results.

Ooh. Missed it. Welp, I’m waiting eagerly!

this is awesome!!! nice work!
this wont trouble pure blueprint users… :stuck_out_tongue:

Setup your own wordpress shop? its not exactly hard and can have paypal integration, Either that or have a Mod sell your script for you on that sell site then give you the money?