DumbFounded - Enemy wont move


I need your help. My enemy will not move.
I have done this before… and yet, for some reason now in a new project the enemy refuses to move.

Enemy is a Character Blueprint.
It has an event Simple Move to Location
The AIController Class is set to AIController.

I really don’t know why this is happening.
I have compared the enemy blueprint from my previous project where enemies were able to move. Everything is identical.
And yet… in the new project they are simply stationary.

ok I discovered its a bug with the capsule component thanks to DreamPunchBoy.

do you have more infos or a link about solving that bug to help people having the same issue ?


When you modify the capsule component half height and radius it can sometimes display incorrectly.
Once this happens and it no longer responds according to your settings or the slide bar it is best to create the same character / enemy on a new blueprint.
Only do not touch the capsule component.

Yes this is not ideal but it is a workaround until a fix is released.
Here is a screenshot to demonstrate the difference.

Left = Bad capsule which causes AI to stop working
Right = untouched capsule.


thanks for info Crocopede. This not my issue sadly, but this is good to know if it happens later.

Cool Stuff. TJ from Epic also posted on answerhub stating that what worked for him is to modify the capsule size, then simply delete the blueprints from the level, restart the editor and then replace the assets in the level.