Driving two blendspaces from different meshes in one AnimBP?

I have two separate body and head skeletal meshes. They both have a different set of morph targets on each. Both share the same skeleton.

My animation blueprint has my Body mesh in the primary mesh slot. In the Anim BP, I have one blendspace that uses the head, another for the body. I’m able to drag both in and set their preview meshes respectively.

But I have not found a way to be able to preview the head + body together and get their animations to combine with morph targets within the AnimBP. The morph targets are only driven on the main mesh for the AnimBP, not any attachment preview meshes.

I’m trying to avoid making more than one AnimBP (separate ones for head + body). The goal would be to preview combined animations inside of one AnimBP. Is this possible some way?