Drawing paths and shapes on screenspace.

Hello guys I am oinario a 3d artist and an indie developer.

and I was wondering how could I do the logic in blueprint similar to the google Halloween game where you draw lines and shapes to trigger an event.

Halloween 2016.

I tried to find similar topics in the forums but what i only found are path drawing for navmesh.

my main objectives are.

  1. to recognize drawn lines and shapes creating points somewhat like a beizer pen.

  2. trigger an event when the drawn line or shape has been formed.

Your problem is kind of sum of 3 tasks:

  • draw shape
  • recognize shap
  • trigger event

To draw shapes. google for unreal splines or custom mesh
Recognizing shapes is general topic, you need to google for solutions that are not unreal based, then implement them into unreal
Triggering events is trivial, plenty of unreal tutorials.