Drawing Multiple Text to the HUD?

Hello Everyone!
Good Morning.

I was wondering if there was any way to draw more than one text string to the HUD using Blueprint.
Would I need to use a sequence? A Branch?
If it is possible, would an entire new instance (“Show Text”) be needed?

Basically I just want to have a few triggers in my game that show difference text.

Any ideas?


~ Jason

Sure you can, just add Drawtext Node, & have the input of the execution pin connected via the last Drawtext or use a sequence node (both will work), just be sure they print to different part of the screen, if you want multiple textline.

If you want the text to be triggered by a blueprint, there are a few possibility. Here is my setup for cursor over a pickup-able item

  1. In my pickup-item BP,I create a MessageStructure that contain a string variable & X,Y location of where to display the text
  2. In my Interface BP, I create a Interface function call MyMessage (or something along this line)
  3. In my pickup-Item BP, I will call MyMessage (the interface function) to send the MessageStructure (e.g String ’ I am a book’, ScreenX=0.55%, ScreenY:0.65%)
  4. In the MyHUD BP, I will a receive MyMessage node, & I will link the the MessageStructure to the respective pins.

You’re a life saver!


~ Jason