DrawDebugLine( ) in 4.5

I’m trying to draw my ray trace to debug it using the following code:

FCollisionQueryParams TraceParam(FName(TEXT("WeaponTrace")), true, this);
TraceParam.bTraceAsyncScene = true;
TraceParam.bReturnPhysicalMaterial = true;

FHitResult Hit(ForceInit);
if (GetWorld()->LineTraceSingle(Hit, BeginTrace, EndTrace, ECC_WorldStatic, TraceParam))
	AItem* NewItem = Cast<AItem>(Hit.GetActor());
	if (bDrawDebugViewTrace)
		DrawDebugLine(GetWorld(), BeginTrace, EndTrace, FColor(0, 255, 0), false, 3, 0, 1);

DrawDebugLine( ) doesn’t seem to exist though. Am I missing a #include or did it get taken out in the newer build?

Update: I got it to originally work with

#include "Engine.h"

and then I went into that document and found this

#include "DrawDebugHelpers.h"

for a much smaller include.