Draw Material Simple in HUD is not drawing anymore

After the upgrade to 4.9 I noticed that none of the HUD drawing nodes (Draw Text and Draw Material Simple) put anything on screen. I confirmed that they are called and get proper data. Any ideas what the problem could be?

Hey ZoltanE,

Could you provide me with some steps and screenshots so I can get to the point which you are reporting?

Thank you,

The root of the issue seems to be the material to be drawn. (The draw text was working all along I just missed it, sorry. >_>)

The crosshair material which was working until now is very simple: Surface-Translucent-Unlit, Separate translucency ON.
As it turns out with Separate Transparency enabled only Opaque and Masked blending modes show up, the rest don’t.
The tooltip says that I should have bAllowSeparateTranslucency set in an ini. I don’t have that exact string but did find
in default.ini.

If you are drawing this to the HUD, be sure the Material Domain is set to User Interface. There was a bug entered for Translucent materials drawn to the screen which was fixed for 4.9.2 so be sure you are on this build as well.

Let me know if you need help after double-checking these suggestions. As a note, separate translucency only affects depth of field which is modified through your post processing.

Thank you,

Oh I didn’t know about the UI material domain! Works now, thank you.