Dragon AI from Wyverns

Hello all!

I’m rather new to modding in general. What I would like to do is take the concept of the Wyverns from Scorched Earth and apply them to a custom dino on The Island. I’ve always had this idea of interconnected servers where some people raised Wyverns from SE, and others raised Dragons (or Drakes, using the model of the Dragon boss) from TI, and wage faction wars. Wyvernriders versus Draketamers, etc. I see most (discontinued) dragon mods making several different types of species using custom AI and normal spawning patterns.

What I want to do is make “Drakes” that use the Dragon Boss model (resized obviously) with the same type of spawning system (nests, untamable wild dinos, etc), AI and species types as the Wyverns. The difference would mainly be in stats and appearance moreso than anything else. I’m not looking for a walkthrough, but a few nudges in the right direction would be appreciated!