Dragging certain Materials/textures freezes UE4

I’m a big fan of realistic open world games, and i’m in the process of making something like it. One thing i’ve been struggling with is Vegetation; i first found a free vegetation pack that didnt work, and now i’m trying the “open world collection”. Everything looks gorgeous, but one problem remains; when i even touch any of the files in the pack, it completely freezes Unreal engine? I dont know if this has to do with anything, but the folder’s called KiteDemo, and for what i’ve seen, that so called “kite demo” is really demanding. Please help, and if you know any other free sources of where i can get GOOD vegetation, please let me know.

Does unreal freeze up or takes longer to respond when you have got alot of assets in the project folder?

When you drag the meshes into the level for the first time, it always takes longer (compiles shaders, loads some stuff,…) → as the Kite Demo assets are in a pretty high quality, it takes much longer and it seems like the engine is freezing :slight_smile:
So normally after some time (in my case it took up to 30 mins - my Laptop is pretty bad ^^) it should work again

It freezes, yes. It eventually loads a single window saying that it’s loading assets of some sort. I’m running a pretty crappy CPU too, Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 Overclocked to 3GHz to be exact. I’ll try it again and ill let it load for the rest of the evening, see if it works. Ill let you know if anything happens.