Drag and Drop OnDrop

I’m implementing Drag and Drop functionality for one of my items (which is represented as a widget blueprint containing an image). When the player drags the item onto another item it should combine the items. When the player drags the item into another area on the HUD it should destroy the item.

For my HUD widget blueprint I set my canvas panel to Visible and override OnDrop. Then in my Item widget blueprint I also override OnDrop.

The only problem is when the player drags the item onto another item BOTH OnDrop calls are triggered. I only want the HUD OnDrop (destroy item) to be triggered when the item isn’t dropped on another item. Both should never be called for the same drop… only one or the another depending on whether we landed on another item or some other area of the HUD.

What can I do about this?

Here is a visual representation. When Item 1 is dragged onto Item 2 (at least partially touching), only Item 2’s OnDrop should be called. The red HUD’s OnDrop shouldn’t be called in that case.

If Item1 was dragged into the red area (not touching Item 2 at all), then the red HUD’s OnDrop should be called.

Item 1, Item 2 are widget blueprints contained within the HUD’s Canvas Panel.

Is there any way to configure the widgets so that only the topmost widget has its OnDrop function called?

Did you managed to solve this problem?