Downloading Unreal Engine 4.6

I need to download Unreal Engine 4.6 to be able to carry on with my gaming projects from what I have done on my computers at University. Whenever I save a project on the later versions of Unreal, loading the projects give me an error on the newer versions. The only version I can download on the Unreal launcher is 4.8.3. Is there a download link for 4.6 anywhere?

I have the same issue, I’d appreciate a download link too.

Did you look in the launcher?
It should be under were you download the engine. (You can download 4.1 - 4.9 I think.)

yep, you can download all previous versions from the launcher. go to the library tab of the launcher, click the “+add versions” button and it will give you an engine slot then just use the dropdown on the top right of the engine slot to choose the version you want and click download.

hope that helps:)

Thanks. That helps.