Downgrading Project, Best Practices?

Hey all,

I’m trying to downgrade a project I’m working on from 4.12.2 to 4.11.2 and looking for the best way to do it. I thought it would be as easy as migrating the content from the content browser but it’s not. The migrated folders appear but they are empty. It’s weird because in Explorer all the files are there - they just aren’t appearing in the migrated content browser.


I don’t believe uassets are backwards compatible to older versions of UE. For certain asset types you have the option to export them to an alternate format which might help. For example, you can export Static Meshes as FBX, OBJ, or other file types by right clicking on the mesh and choosing “Asset Actions > Export…”.

That’s what I was afraid of. :frowning:

Some of the migrated content appears but a lot is missing.