[DOUBT] My game on steam don't create save files

My doubt is that. I configured steam nuvem saves but only in editor my game creates the saves files. Can you help me?


I’m assuming you mean cloud saves and just don’t know the English term for it. Is your game actually approved to run on Steam? That first of all is the only way to use features like that.

Yes, my game will be release in January/2017 on Steam store. And now I am just doing some tests.
Thnaks for reply.

This could be an issue more suited for Valve’s support teams, as it may not be on Unreal’s side. I know this sounds silly, but are you certain that the Steam SDK is properly integrated? Do other features such as achievements work as expected?

Achievements works fine. I will look for help in steam developments forum as you suggest. I thought this was a Unreal problem.
Thanks for reply.

Honestly I can’t be certain, but I’d say they would be more suited to helping you there. Not everyone here has access to full Steam features to test things like this. If they can help you narrow it down to an Unreal problem then you’ll likely have more information for us to go on.

Ok. Thank you again.