Doubt in locomotion system design


I’m starting to implement a locomotion system for my character, and after reading/watching
lots of tutorials about blendspace/state machines, I’m stil hasitating about the way to go:

What I want is basically this:

  • Character rotation movement is only 0/45/90 etc (degrees)
  • Lateral movement for left and right only (for speed under a certain value)
  • For backwards, steps facing forward when slow speed, and then rotate 180 deg. and full run animation.
  • Run in all directions.

Now, I have a prototype with a blendspace and its more or less working.
Problem is,I need to change specific animations of blendspace (i.e. Idle animation, or lateral steps animation)
depending a game state (variable x).
Also would like to implement momentum effects when changing directions.
I read over there sate machines don’t scale very well, so how should I implement all of this ?
Multiple blendspaces ? Multiple state machines? No state machine at all?

Thank you