Doubt: 2D character pick up and drag object

Hello, I am beginner in engine and I have a question that may be obvious, but I could not do it.
So I’m making a 2D game and I have no idea how to make the character pick up an object and drag it.
I have seen how in the first person, but was unable to switch to 2D.

Currently Unreal Engine 4 2D games are working as 3d games, I mean that your paper2D objects collision, if you use the command “show collision” ingame you will see that the collision was converted to 3D collision, and your character has a bounding box, so currently there is no much difference between a 2D and 3D game in UE4

If you were able to do it on the FP example you should be able to do it there on the same way

So I must have done something wrong, because I tried to pass 2D and nothing happened.
Thanks for your help, now I know that it is possible and I keep trying to work.

I believe on the Twitch stream for Paper2D, they said in either 4.7 or 4.8, we would finally be able to do frame based flipbook sockets. In that case, you would set your socket locations, and then attach to socket.

It depends on how accurate you need to be, and in how many situations your character needs to be able to do this. If it’s only one or two animations like pushing and pulling, you can create a general collision sphere about chest height, and check for a collision.

If you need a more precise grab, you may want to sit down and write down the local coordinates of where that socket would be. Then, create a sphere on each frame with a small radius of those coordinates.

From there on out, just do a collision check for that sphere, or move the item to compensate.