DoubleClick for (should be) OneClick action

I’m following a tutorial for an inventory system (Unreal Engine 5 Tutorial - Inventory System Part 7: Inventory Widget - YouTube)
I’ve reched the open/close inventory part of the tutorial and I’m having such an inconvenience.

In my game (way before I started the tutorial) you can charge->shoot arrows, the way you do it is by holding->release LMbtn…

Now I’m experiencing some trouble as… whenever I open and close the inventory I need to DOUBLE click for the charging/shoot action to happen, it works “perfect” but with the second click.

Normally, whenever the arrow is in the air, you can click again for it to dissapear and you can move/charge another arrow, now this also needs double click for it to disappear.

The path to open the inventory is:
PlayerController function->General HUD Widget function->Inventory Widget

Player controller:

Player screen (General HUD):

Player Inventory (Inventory Widget):

This is the arrow shooting BP: (Charge and Fire events run in other BP, i don’t think they have anything to do in this issue as they affect the arrow ONCE it’s is created and, with this bug, I dont create anything on first click)

Any idea what is happening?
Thanks in advance to any response.