double mesh problem

Hi so my problem came about when i noticed a collision sphere i had was slightly off centre …So i realigned the collision sphere and compiled my blueprint.However Now when i place my bp in my scene it has 2 static meshes overlapping one another and it is causing major lag . I will upload a video if needs be but has anybody else had this issue?

Do you have a screenshot of the blueprint at all? Are there two meshes in viewport at all?

Normally a collision sphere MUST overlap a model if you place it on a model. The whole point is that when the collision of your model is not wide enough (e.g. you want to act when “approaching the model”, not just when you “run into it”). So normally the collision sphere (or box, capsule) will be larger than the original model.

If you have 2 seperate models that overlap each other and trigger actions that are unwanted (classic " 2 triggers trigger each other" situation) there are some approaches to prevent that. One is to use TAGS. Like tag your trigger enabled models with a tag like “COLLISSIONOBJECT” and in the on begin overlap function you can add a branch that relies on something ike “actor has tag” and if the ag is COLLISSIONOBJECT do nothing else fire the event.

Another strategy is to edit the collission presets to something ike “overlapOnlyPawn” if you only want that event to be fired if a pawn (player) overlaps it. Make sure you do that for BOTH of the competing collissions.