double joints of a single object

Hello forum!

I have been having this issue and i was wondering if there was any such way of doing what i am about to specify down below

I have an object that needs to be held by my character with both hands. I have used to method of soketing the right hand to the preview assets and of course positioning it and doing a small amount of code that attaches it to the player within the thridpersonchr bp, however
i need the left hand to also be socketed to the same object and i am having trouble with the positioning as from what i have seen there is no way of using the same preview asset for two separate joints so i cannot place my left hand is a different position on the same object and use the same code to attach it? i am lost and accepting answers of completely different ways i can join two objects.

the second question i have which is related is if there is any way of joining bones from two seperate objects as i have a bone within the rig of the object i am trying to attach to my character. it would be nice to just use the bone from the hand of the third person character and just attach the two bones together

any thoughts?