DormantAll Server RPC


Let’s say I have an equipped weapon actor and its Net Dormancy is set to DormantAll, I tested this in C++ and blueprint and this only worked in Blueprint. I would like to be able to send a server event (Client to server) from the weapon even though the weapon is DormantAll.

From my test in C++ the event is not sent as long as the dormancy is dormant, obviously if the actor is awake the event gets to the server from the client successfully. In blueprint however the event does get to the server even though the dormancy is dormant.

Is there a special flag or something I can force a server event (client to server) even though the dormancy of the actor is dormant ?

Thank you.

Edit: Scratch the worked in blueprint I must’ve made a mistake I didn’t notice. So it doesn’t work in blueprint too which is at least consistent with C++, my question remains though, is it possible to send an RPC from client to server on a dormant actor.

the reason why it works on BP is cause dormancy is bugged still after 10 years for blueprints.

to wake dormant actors that are apart of the player (a weapon in this case) use the playercontroller or pawn. move your RPC there, something like equipweapon rpc wakes the weapon or somethin ?

I don’t want to wake the weapon I would like to keep it dormant while still able to send one RPC to the server from the client. Only the server can change dormancy that’s why it’s possible to do the opposite where the server can send RPCs even if the actor is dormant, I believe FlushNetDormancy is called in that case.

Update: After further testing it turns out it also does not work in blueprint which is consistent with C++. however my question remains, is it possible to send an RPC from a client to a server from a dormant actor and keep the same dormancy.