Door moves to different position when animation starts, and swings the wrong way.

Hi guys,

Back with another question today. So I finally got a door working via level imports and it’s brilliant. It’s a standard door parallel with the axis.

I tried to animate a different door however. This one is on an angle, which is pretty much the only difference. I placed the pivot into the bottom corner where I want it to swing from. I got the animation blueprint set up exactly how I did with my original door. However, even though it is in the right position when I click ‘play’ in editor, as soon as I trigger the animation with a key press, the door instantly changes position. It instead moves the door down so that the pivot is now on the top corner although the pivot itself doesn’t move, effectively sinking the door into the ground. The swinging animation also works on the pivot, but it starts and ends at completely different points to what I expected. I’m not sure what seems to be causing it as I’ve done everything the same way as I did before. I’ve played around with the pivot and XForms in 3DSMax but none of this gets the door how it should be working.

Hopefully you can understand what I’m trying to explain. I’d post an image but I’m also now having issues getting Unreal Editor to even open…

Appreciate any ideas!