Door activated by switching 3 out of 5 switches on. How to do it?

Hi guys,
I’m new to unreal and I’m struggling with one thing I’d like to include in my level.
So I have 5 blueprint switches and a gate that is now opened by a trigger when you approach it. For now I’ve managed to make the lights on the switches turn from red to green when you press “E” right in front of the switch. I want the gate to open (or the trigger that opens it to appear, which would be easier perhaps) after three of the switches are activated (the lights turn to green). It’s meant to be a kind of a riddle, there is a control panel far behind the gate with 5 lights and 3 of them are green. You need to activate the switches in the same combination to get the gate open. I’ve been searching for tutorials all day and none seem to adress my problem. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:
All the best.