(dont know where to post this)Realistic_Grass_1, Realistic_Grass_2 Marketplace Grass Broken

Realistic_Grass_1 and Realistic_Grass_2

first of all i have no idea where to post this, second iv been trying to get these grass packs to work all day, but both packs are broken, only the mobile versions work.

What happens, works perfectly find with in the editor but as soon as you package any project the grass disappears, happens to every single one of the desktop versions and the editor is either telling me that the shaders are missing or a error of the shader.

I have contacted the author but it seems like he isn’t interested in fixing the issues

Did more tests and even created my own material for the model and tested on others from the desktop version and same outcome, will not package, at all

Further tests done, i exported one of the grass models out to maya, cleaned it up and wiped its history , reimported into UE4 with the material i made for testing and now the one i fixed, was packaged, testing now to see if it will package with the original materials that were in the grass packs

Test Confirmed - Issue with grass desktop models LOD0 to LOD1 and LOD2 , i used the same material from the pack but used the model i fix in maya and was package with no issues , please contact the developer of the pack or remove it from the marketplace. or with his permission ill fix his models