Don't Forget To Vote!

Voting started today for mod contest if you have a moment please cast your vote remember you can up vote more then one mod here is link for the Scientist Class.

I’d love your vote to help it get to #1!

Haha CFrankie, I wouldn’t have seen it if you would not have made this post with your signature. Didn’t you read the rules? Only one entry per person… (“Entrants may not submit more than one Entry.”) Sorry to be the guy that told you that.

Anyway, here is a link to all entries:

Sadly you need to have an alienware account to vote. Good luck everyone!

Sorry, I only have one entry in this competition: The Scientist Class, the other is just a simple mod made way back when the dev kit was new.

Cfrankie and Cfrankie2 have entered both of your mods, Sorry to say man but you have broken the rules

Simple mod or not that’s still two entries mate, rules are rules. you mite want to get in touch and have one removed before they break out the ban hammer and disqualify you. Scientist is pretty cool too be a shame to have it booted

Yeah, after you said something - I contacted the coordinator. They’re having problems with people’s entries not showing up and some being duplicated. Guess which side of the boat I’m on, but they have it noted I only have the one and are working on it.

In fact, I think they’ve already fixed it. So stop pointing ya grubby little waving ‘tsk tsk’ fingers at me… nyah ha! – still love ya guys any ways.

Njauuu I dont think the system bugged out when you were submitted your mod by glitched out and created a second accound with your name and submitted a random mod which happened to be your second mod :stuck_out_tongue:

sneaky sneaky


For the love of god man - stop looking for the fight. it won’t happen - I’m too old and above that. But I **LOVE **the pic. Robyn Stein was made aware instantly when I found out. It’s gone. Ka-put. I can only tell ya what they tell everyone else. Don’t like it? Take it up with them.


I don’t think anyone in this thread is looking for a fight mate, I just found your reason funny hence the picture :slight_smile: