Don't do this


Keep your **** organised from the beginning… now I have a 2 hour clean up!


This will probably help a little:


How? what kind of sorcery is this?


So you suggest I do github magic? pft… I am not cursed by such things… I have not eaten the forbidden fruit… I am merely a mortal… (too stupid to try)

Hi Rasped,

The 4.2 update that the GitHub users have access to will be publicly released in the coming weeks.

Michael Noland, the developer who put this functionality in, is doing great work getting this implemented as there have been quite a few users (myself included) who have loved the idea of this idea.



Lol I got a chuckle once I looked at your screenshot :). Thanks for posting warning received :slight_smile:

:eek: This makes me feel kind of happy that I feel the compulsive need to comment everything and line everything up evenly :S

What are you talking about, that is good to go. All it needs is some Ragu and garlic bread.

I almost spit my chocolate milk all over the screen when that pic loaded. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes it is better to just Set and Get a variable instead of dragging a line across the map.

Also, Pure Math Functions and functions in general are your friends!

I know I did bad on this Blueprint.

It is calculating gravity on planets. It actually works, and it is possible to do Newtonian Gravitation entirely in Blueprint.

I’m starting cleanup now, and will post it when it is pretty :slight_smile:

Sometimes even the “organized” approach is a huge mess.

I’d suggest using more get nodes instead of dragging them so far :stuck_out_tongue:

Collapse them all into macros. When everything works move your macros to macro library.

And use that math expression module, it helps a lot.

I just looked at macros, it’s nifty… I went with another approach and put it in a function in the same Blueprint. I’ll consider moving it to a macro, it could be used elsewhere in my game.

but… Not compiling from Github, so no math expression for me yet.


Any good HOPA player could have that unscrambled before the SKIP button came on :cool:

I think our definitions of “Organized” are completely different… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think math expressions are avaiable as plugin, all you need to do is enable it and restart editor.

OMG man i thing this thing is alive !

Reminds me of my average Nuke script mess…