Dof(AO) with LPV?

I can see the distance field in the visualizer and it shades ok.
However I do not see shadowing in the final result ever since I enabled and set up the scene with LPV.

does anyone have any idea why, or a solution for this? Using latest .25 for this.

I think the issue isn’t lpv or dof but just overall light settings. Since i enabled lpv however the settings that reduced the visual shadow bands no longer work.

The only way I foresee this working is to adjust the shadow bias dynamically based on the sun angle / time of day.

Bumping this with a new question.

Curious to know if anyone has managed a hybrid with only ray-traced shadows from a directional light, and if/how that runs on non RTX cards…

At this point I might as well wait and put the test time in .26, so if anyone has gone through the setup before I’d be curious to know some ms frame costs between one method and another.

So far even just enabling the beta global illumination method in .25 has a near 50% frame cost (And i see no benefit).
My theory here is that ray traced shadows would end un costing less than 50%.