Does Vulkan renderer support Tessellation?

I tried switching to the Vulkan renderer - ue4 4.21.2 - and it increased my performance massively (amd RX 570) BUT there is no longer tessellation.

Was wondering if it supports tessellation? am i doing something wrong?


Ok so notes for 4.20 show that Vulkan Desktop supports tessellation, so im unsure as to why i get 0 tessellation going from DX11 sm5 to Vulkan desktop sm5

I have quite a few different materials with different tessellation techniques in them(both paid for off marketplace and own code), they work fine on DX11 sm 5.0 but as soon as i switch to vulkan desktop there is 0 tessellation.

The massive performance gains for vulkan with Amd gpu’s makes it really attractive, but without tess i can’t use it for my project.