Does Unreal have any major plans to rework the way we create natural environments?

I’m just curious as to what Unreal is doing for the people who are looking for outdoor environments. I’m talking about something similar to the way cryengine does things I suppose. I know I’m comparing apples to oranges here, but I’m curious if there’s ever going to be a plan to give us tools that make this really easy for people who want nice water effects, buoyancy levels, etc. Basically things that are plug and play so to speak with setting up rivers, oceans, lakes, etc.

I was also looking into the way we create landscape materials and painting. Is it just me or would it be easier to create new landscape materials for painting by clicking “add layer” > “Select material” > “Paint”? Why do landscape materials have to be handled by their own material and layer instances inside of their own new material? Could this be simplified by just simply selecting a material in the list of layers under landscape painting?

There’s a lot of ideas floating around the forums that would greatly benefit the community for creating natural landscapes and it seems like Unreal isn’t pushing outdoor environments too hard. I’m just curious if it’s going to be pursued more in the future, or if it’ll be made easier to use. It’s certainly not bad at the moment, and it’s very workable, but i think we could all agree it could be easier and have a lot of nice features to use.

They’ve said they have more plans for large maps, what that includes as far as outdoor environments isn’t clear, it’s probably more on the technical side of trying to control a large space. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see some improvements to the landscape system, and they’re working on improving transparent materials and adding planar reflections.
I would expect that some of the other stuff will come from the community though and end up in the marketplace, already there’s a procedural sky system and a WIP ocean.