Does UE4 support native iOS/Android framework?

Hi All,

As you may know, unity official supports writing native iOS/Android code in unity, also there are some third-party to support most of frequent frameworks like iOS corebluetooth et al.

I am wondering if there is any official way or third-party way or both here to support doing that like this in UE4? I was trying to look through but no finding yet.


Hey. As far as I am aware there are no such thing as modules or plug-ins that let you do that, but it is definitely possible to use native platforms APIs from C++.
In the case of iOS for example, you have to write a small library (or framework if you need resources) and then import it in you project.
In this question you can find more details regarding this approach. It’s not trivial but it is a very clean and efficient method, imho.