Does UE4 automaticly put the pivot of something to 0.0.0?

Cause thats whats happening to my mesh, I got a vent “frame” and a door that I want to manipulate with blueprint, but the pivot point of it gets reset. Even when I export it by its self. The pivot of it is right where it should be in 3Ds max, but on import its back at 0.0.0

Here you can see the pivot of the “door”. It should have been at the edge to the left of the mesh.

seems like its easier to just put the mesh I want at the edge of 0.0.0 in 3Ds max than to have it where it should be in max and muck around with it in UE4.

I have the same problem.i tryed diferent FBX convertors from aotodesk this dosn help.

Yes, the pivot gets moved to 0,0,0. You should set the location and pivot of such meshes at 0,0,0 in your modeling software and then position the door or whatever it is wherever you want manually in the editor.

Also, since you are a Max user you should check out this awesome tool;