Does the user plugin support to reference another Dll?


I want to export some functions to a dll file from another project, then use it to my own plugin.

I can get the desired result from debugging, but sometimes will get crash, sometimes it works.

Here is some piece code:

Dll file function:
bool CTestDll::ShowResult(const wstring& inName, wstring& outResult)
	wstring result = L"Dll function call:";

	outResult = result + inName;

	return true;

Plugin function:

void TestModule::StartupModule()

	CTestDll testDll;
	wstring toStr = L"Test";
        wstring result();
	testDll.ShowResult(toStr, result);

	//FString tmp(result.c_str());

	UE_LOG(TestLog, Warning, TEXT("%s"), result.c_str());

UE editor crashed cause a breakpoint here in MallocTBB.cpp file:

Do I miss something? Or it does support to reference another Dll in plugin?


I got it to work.
Seems wstring can’t across dll/exe to work(link text).
I use TCHAR instead.