Does the auto material have the ability to apply material by region of the level?

I have a question about auto material.

I know there is an option to apply the material depending on the slope or height of the terrain.

But is it possible to tell the auto material to draw one material or another depending on the X and Y coordinates of the terrain?

In simple terms, if the landscape does not have strong differences in height or slope of the terrain (the map is flat), then the automaterial is not particularly useful if there is no way to specify regions to fill with one or another material. For example, a desert, a meadow and a forest can be plus or minus at the same height along the Z coordinate, but the desert is in the south, the forest is to the north of the desert, and the meadow will be to the north of the forest.

Is there a technique to automatically distribute desert, forest and grassland materials into landscape regions?

Auto materials are all different, it really depends how they are written.

But, typically, you get to choose when you’re painting the landscape, whether you use the auto material, or one a specific texture. Just use that.

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