Does source file download resume automatically

I’m trying to download the source files of UE4. Using SP1 64bit. First when I run setup.bat file, it was about 3150MB total download. When the download was done by 20%, I had a power failure and my PC turned off suddenly. When I run the setup.bat file again, it started from 0% again but download size was about 2500MB. I wanted to know what’s happening there? Do I have to delete old files and download again? or it just ignores the files that are already downloaded?

Note: I have a limited bandwidth and slow download speed. So It’s hard for me to download over and over again.

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The setup.bat file is intended to check what dependency files you currently have and compare those to what is needed to build the version of the Engine you have the source code for, and then only download the files that are not present. So it is normal for it to attempt to download fewer files when you restarted the batch file the second time. In the future, if you update to a newer Engine version in the same drive location, then running setup.bat will only download any dependency files that have changed between versions.

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Thanks for the answer! So that means when UE 4.9.2 will be released I will only have to download the release branch, replace to the old files and run setup.bat file?


That is correct. With 4.9.2, all you should need to do is download the source code to the same location you are using currently (overwriting any files that have been updated with new ones), then run Setup.bat. At this point, it should only download dependencies that have changed since you last built the Engine.