Does someone know how to solve these two bugs in my game?

Hello guys!
I have a bug in my game, when I step on a trigger, this trigger loads a streaming level, but when this happens my pawn (player) teleports to another location in my map (this is my first problem).
Then, with the same trigger a destructible mesh will destroy and will let the player go though the other room (the loaded streaming level), but when it is destroyed it destroys all the others destructible meshes too in the other room. (This is my second problem).
Does someone know how to solve both problems?, or at least one of them?

The engine rarely does something unexpected by itself; you are doing these things yourself, somewhere.
I’d suggest to take a break and carefully read back all the code you’ve done so far and digest your game classes behaviour. I’d guess it’s something related to one of your GameMode classes or even Level/GameInstance blueprints.

One at a time. First load your level with a simple event like a keypress. That should not move your pawn, if it does you have a problem with your pawn or over-arching classes like the gamemode as BrUnO suggested.

Do the same thing with destructables. You need to simplify your test conditions to isolate where your problem is coming from

Hello BrUnO XaVIeR and HuntaKiller!
Your answers help me a lot! I found what was wrong.

  1. My Player (Character) moved into a different position because there was a streaming level, spawning in the same position of the room the player was in, so each time the label spawned my player moved because of the collision. (I FIX IT)
  2. The doors (destructible meshes) destroyed all at the same times because all, the door was copied and paste in all the levels, so all the door where the same mesh, that was the reason every door destroyed instead of one. (I FIX IT)

Thank you to both of you!

Sorry for my bad english :stuck_out_tongue: