Does Saving LvL BP Actually Save The Level?

I’m seeking clarity on this topic:

Understanding: Each Level in a project has its own Level Blueprint, and new Level Blueprints cannot be created. In the Level BP documentation, there are no statements that help me answer these questions:…int/index.html


  1. A Level Blueprint is NOT an asset, like a Blueprint Class, correct?
  2. Given #1 is correct, this also means that one cannot abstract a Level Blueprint from the Level itself, correct?
  3. Given #1 and #2 is correct, is this why when one edits a Level Blueprint, one is actually editing the Level, so when saving, one is actually saving the Level, NOT a Blueprint, correct?

The basic reason for asking these questions is simply for keeping consistency within storage. If saving a Level BP is actually saving the Level, then when saving the Level BP I need to keep in mind to save the Level BP where the Level is actually stored (folder).

If there is something in the documentation that either I missed, or elsewhere that points to this information, please provide.