Does Oneminus round up small numbers?

Hi, I’m trying to create a material that glows more and more while I get Closer.

I’m using World_Position + Camera_Position + Distance + Divide + Power + Clamp (there is a screenshot)

Everything is perfect, the material changes smoothly, but is the opposite of what I need, so I’ve inverted with a oneminus, but the material starts to behave unexpectedly.
Instead of a super smooth transition, it becomes “super strong” when the parameter is really low (far), and it becomes pitch black instead of dark blue, like if the oneminus rounds up tiny numbers.
I’ll add a screenshot, hope it’s clear.
Is there another way to invert the parameter that comes from the clamp? Or another solution?
Thanks so much.

I’ve found a way that works, is a turn around the problem, may help someone, but is not a solution. I’ve used a divide instead of a multiply changing the numbers, but I’m still curious to know how oneminus handles small numbers.