Does not work hot reload when Editor and VS open simultaneously

Hi, there

If I work in the studio, everything is compiled in 10 seconds,
But if I open the editor, the compilation becomes a few minutes, in studio or editor

What should I do? please, help

Unreal 4.16
Win 8.1

The Editor consumes a lot of memory and processing power (which VS needs as well), so yes - that’s to be expected. The best solution is to simply avoid hot reload together, so rather than “shotgun coding” (where you write random bits of code and see what works and doesn’t), it’s better to take a “Measure Twice Cut Once” approach where you plan things out in your head/on paper/whatever, write them, and then only open the editor for testing those systems.

It looks like a bug, because on 4.15 everything worked, the computer is not loaded, it looks as if one process blocks another, I do not know…