Does my game run fast enough on your computer?


I created a small little 3D side scroller game in Unreal titled, “The Eerie Dungeon.”

When I run the executable for this game on my computer at home, it feels a little slow, and lags a little. There is an A.I. enemy that runs into the player character, and I hear an explosion sound a little before the A.I. enemy makes contact with the player character, which seems to tell me that the game is running a little slow on my computer. Plus, the movement using the “a” key, “d” key, and Spacebar happen a little after I press the keys, which also seems to tell me that the game is lagging a little on my computer.

My friend tried running my game on his computer, and he says it runs perfectly, totally smoothly, with no lag.

He mentioned that perhaps I need to do a re-install of Windows 10 on my computer, to make sure I have certain video drivers and DirectX installed. My computer is relatively new, and I bought it with Windows 10 already installed on it, and have never done a Windows 10 re-install of it, although I did do a System Restore of it once, after I had a sudden power outage, and my computer was not able to log back in right. The System Restore seemed to fix that. I was meaning to buy a copy of the Windows 10 program anyway for backup, in case my computer crashed for whatever reason.

Can any of you try running my game onto your computer, and tell me if it runs fast enough on your computer, or if there is a lag? The name of the executable is, “SideScrollerTutorial”. If it runs fine on your computer, then perhaps I was worrying too much in trying to optimize it further, and it may just be an issue of my Windows 10 operating system not having the right video drivers. Here is the game:

Please let me know. Thank you.