Does MetaHuman support external editing (ZBrush sculpting) on basemesh?

It seems that Reallusion’s Character Creator 3 allows created characters to be further edited in ZBrush. My understanding is that as long as the underlying topology is not disturbed, the textures and rig adapt to the mesh that is edited in ZBrush. Will this be possible with MetaHuman Creator?


We do not currently export a zbrush asset for MetaHumans. Remember that these heads have complex rigs, with a lot of corrective shapes and logic, so making changes to their shape, and ensuring the rig still works well, is not easy. Having said that, this is just the beginning, and we’ll be leraning a lot and adding new features in the future!

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So even in Maya, we cant tweak the proportions of the face and still use it then? Maybe I’m doing something wrong but the sculpt tools feel pretty linear in the application at the moment. For example I can’t tweak the outer parts of the nostrils without affecting the whole nose.

This is just beginning, a very early stage of development, and over time I am improving it, with new features.