Does it matter where you create folders in the content browser, where you put what?

Hi everyone,

Does it affect game speed / editor speed where you put what folder in the content browser?
In other words if I have custom meshes for my game would it matter if I create a folder in another
place than the “meshes” folder already in the editor?
Just wondering how I should structure my folder hierarchy :slight_smile:
… and if you have meshes in different folders or characters in different folders will the engine
take longer to “read” or “find” them?
Also does the engine use some kind of “registry” system like an operating system on a PC?
In other words can the “registry” get too heavy or corrupted if you move things around too much
or delete content / folders over and over again?
… and of course the next question is … is there some kind of utility we can run to
“clean up the registry” if one exists? Just to “streamline” the way the content
is read inside the engine?

Thank you.