Does it matter if nanite mesh pivot is at the center of the world?

Hi. I had this question when generating levels. Imagine lots of tiles for ground, does it matter if they all have their pivot at the center of the world?

The answer from the discord:

The vertex positions in the source mesh inside a staticmesh asset are stored in float32 precision (this is before Nanite or LOD render geometry is involved - those are derived from the source mesh). So if your world is large, having the pivot at the world center means that you will have less precision available in the vertex positions than if the pivot was at the object center. Whether or not this matters depends on what you are trying to achieve, ie large low-poly objects viewed from far away, probably won’t matter, but high-polycount objects that you want to walk on or precisely tile, in those cases storing everything in world space will likely lead to issues. Downstream LOD or Nanite render data generation might introduce additional issues w/ storing in world coords, too, but the source mesh being float32 is a basic limitation.

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