Does bUseControllerDesiredRotation Only Rotates in Yaw?

Hi community,

I’m new to UE4 and try to create my character in C++. When I’m working with the character movement component, I figrued out the difference between the pawn’s bUseControllerRotationYaw and the character movement component’s bUseControllerDesiredRotation, where first one rotates the pawn directly and immediately by following the YAW rotation of the controller, and second one rotates the character smoothly by following the rotation of the controller. (Hopefully, I understand them correctly. And if not, please correct me)

And here’s my question that if bUseControllerDesiredRotation only rotates my character in Yaw rotation by default? As I tried to use starter content to anim my character, I found my character only rotates in Yaw when I set bUseControllerDesiredRotation to true. If I move my mouse up and down, looks like my character doesn’t rotates in Roll or Pitch. So do I understand it right?