Does anyone use WebAnimate?

Hello all,

I’m trying to do some 3D Animation (rigging, re-targeting etc.).

I’ve heard that WebAnimate had some cool features in their latest release (e.g Automatic cleaning), but otherwise haven’t heard of it… I’m looking for something fairly easy to use that delivers some quality results but doesn’t cost too much.

Does anyone have any views on it? Is it worth the $20 / month? Does anyone out here use it?



Never heard of it but looking at the site it looks like a low budget version of Poser. Probably not worth the effort as programs like that usually cause more problems than they solve. For instance it took Poser years (literally) to get proper edge looping. And it probably still doesn’t have true bezier curves for animation (it might but why bother since it would still be a new feature). Blender is free and does every single thing you need it to right out of the box. A quick fix is just that, a quick fix - not a solution.

I used it for a while. It’s great and pretty powerful, but I didn’t think I stopped subscribing as I think it’s not a nice payment model for a software like this.
I’m doing animation as we go, when we need a new animation I make it but it can take weeks or months before we need something new, that doesn’t justify paying the same as the UE engine every month for me.
It’s easy to use and will cover your needs, it have some really great features but I see no reason, what so ever to make it into a web application. I’m yet to see a web client this advanced that works as well as a desktop software. Everything works but because it’s web based it can be, at times a bit clunky and awkward to use. If 20/month is something you’re ready to pay for an animation software, then go for it.

Hello there, my name is Jerry and I’m the Product Manager for WebAnimate here at Ikinema.

I thought i’d add the offical view from the Ikinema team on the topic of our Web-only application.
In our view the risk of pirated, desktop copy of WebAnimate would cripple our ability to generate any return from our significant investment in, what we belive is a best-in-class product.

All feedback on this topic, or anything else to do with WebAnimate is very welcome. PM me or reply here.


By making it hard for pirates, it’s hard not to make it unfriendly for paying customers. I would still be subscribed, if it wasn’t web based.


I plan to use it for next game (still working on one), so far seems best offer, looking at other prices around. Also, notice you can use it for free as Starter “FBX Exports 10 per week”. And there is a pack for $9 and $19 per month also. There are some videos on Youtube about it, you should check them, also this one made from Truebones guys:


One of the best advantages of a web based app is that you don’t put user to update any app files locally, and is easy to update. Also probable the debug logs are much easy to get and tweak, and this gives devs team a big advantage for improving the product.
And of course, zero risk of pirated copy’s.

The disadvantage is that many peoples do not want or can’t upload copyrighted material on the web, just because they are not allowed in small/medium studious to do it. Frankly for any product there will always be a percent of users who will use pirated copy’s. This is a marketing team problem I guess, to choose best way to sell the product, make users happy with what offer and price, and avoid piracy problems.

Personally, I would like to congratulate for such a nice product, with out using any special browser plugin!:slight_smile:


I never got anything good with Poser regarding animations, I did not tried the new game dev 2014 version, but my guess is that Poser was made with something else in mind that game dev initially, and now they try to fix that. Again, this new 2014 version of Poser can be different, so…