Does anyone know the relationship between player, viewport and window instance

Hi, I am Eadmond again.
I am trying to modify the engine to suit my team’s demand for game. But I have trouble to find where did they linked player to a specific windows isntance, or should I say viewport instance.
Does any one know about it?

Ok, I know it could be a little confusing. My game is a local asymmetric multiplayer game with a VR player and a keyboard feasible by create an extra rendering window instance in game instance. Now we have two SWindow instance, I am trying to reduce that to one. The result should be we are rederering VR world for the HMD headset and what the other player can see in the desktop.

what I am actully asking is where did the game default create the window instance, and put the viewport caption outputed onto the window, and then relate the player to that specific view port?

I was also planning on looking into asymmetric VR games.
I’ll let you know if I figure this out :slight_smile:

Maybe we’ll both be lucky and someone already has the solution.

Hi, my team has some kinds of solution. You can use command line to reduce resolution and other staff for the default window to get a better framerate. Hope it can help you.