Does anyone know how to use AIperspetion or Pawnsensing ?


I want to make some AI’s that react to other AI’s on the map, so I they need to be able to see and hear them. I can’t figure out how to get either of the two AI perception systems available to me working.

I think AIperseption is newer and going to be better but may not be implemented in BP’s just yet. Anyway I can see some BP stuff for it, but I have no idea how to hook it all up.

With Pawnsensing, I can at least get the “OnSeePawn” event to fire but then what ? I want to use it to control the speed of the character and ultimately play animations and feed back into the behavior tree. But the movement component is unavailable to me in the AI BP, no I need to fire an event from the AI BP to the Character BP ? if so how do I go about this ?

Many thanks in advance


This should get you started at least

His channel is great for getting started with a lot of different areas - a great resource so you can hit the ground running!

You can also check out the mini-tutorial I did on UPawnSensingComponent:

I haven’t yet tackled converting to AIPerception yet, but plan to do it soon.

Thanks guys, but your slightly missing the point here.

I can use the pawn sensing component, but then how do you do anything meaningful with it like trigger a Behavior Tree or play an animation or alter the movement / direction of the character ??

I dealt with PawnSensing in part three of my tutorial series:

It also does the BT thing for you. I think thats what your after. Only caveat is watch out for how you are getting the pawn sensing component, as it changed a little between versions and some people have had difficulties making it work, just read the comments below the video for what they did to fix it.

I’ll be doing some tuts on AI Perception soon too.


Perfect, great tut thanks !