Does anyone know how to get a custom property into a curve from MotionBuilder?

Hi there,

Im currently trying to create some IK curves for the four limbs of my character in MotionBuilder. The problem is, i don’t know how to get them exported correctly and imported into UE4.

I tried putting a custom property on the root of my skeleton and put some keys on it, but they don’t show up once i import in UE4. I did check “Import Custom Attributes” when i import my animation.

I’ve also tried putting the custom property on other “joints”, but they don’t show up. Hope this makes sense and someone out there knows how to do it.

Well I would have to know a bit more about you rig set up but to see if we can solve it push button style custom rig solutions are layered onto your base skeleton like layering images in photoshop and to unify a single image you have to collapse all of the layers down to the base layer.

In most cases if a custom property is added the data is keyed in the property and like a photoshop layer is not contained with in the base rig as exported until you plot the transform data to the base rig and then export.

What should work for you is in Key Controls select Plot All (properties) and that should bake all of your transforms verbatim

aye, i tried plotting all properties, and still it didn’t work. In the meantime i tried to go to Maya, and add a custom property and set a few keys there. When i import my fbx from Maya, it show up nicely as a curve on the animation. So why this doesn’t work in MoBu, im really curious about. If it will be any help in resolving the problem i can post a show video showing what i try to do. Maybe this will clarify things?