Does anyone know a trick to open a UE4.23 script in UE4.18?

I tried to import it into 4.18 but it wouldn’t even “see” it. Is there a trick? Even if it comes in broken BPies?
I just need to see what I did so I can rebuild it in 4.18. so it doesn’t have to actually work, nodes can be missing that is o.k.
Thank you :slight_smile:

You mean a Blueprint? No, you’d have to open it in 4.23 and look at it and try to replicate it in 4.18

I see o.k. thanks. I know there is a website out there where you can import Blueprints and you can look at them.

Looks like you still have to open it first in UE4 to be able to copy it to clipboard fist … unless there is a way to open them in CPP or something and copy the code.
I will try :slight_smile:

Yeah no I tried to open BP in CPP note pad but of course BP is not CPP so it doesn’t work.
Uuurgh :slight_smile: