Does anyone have any more tips on avoiding IK snapping arms?

Hi All,

I have an character rig with IK arms driven by vr motion controllers. Because it is pretty impossible to get the scale of the input to exactly match the scale of the character (every player has different body shape) I am getting the old snapping IK arms with fully extended arms.

Does anyone have any cunning tips on how this can be avoided?

I have two suggestions myself,

  1. Setting a variable for how long I am going to allow the arm to be. Then scaling the ik target position back towards the shoulder joint so that the new position is not further away than the variable says.
    EDIT: I just tried this one and it seems to work pretty well actually.

  2. Using bend limits on the physics rig that I am using. I tried this but it makes the arm move in strange and more unnatural ways.

Any other ideas?


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