Does anyone avoid blueprints in favor of c++ because of fear of losing data in a crash?

I get crashes from hot reloading all the time. I launch the editor from an IDE. I find myself wanting to use more blueprints but I get so many crashes I’m scared to do it. If I’m working on a file in C++ I lose no work if the editor crashes. But if I’m in the middle of editing a BP, who knows?

Is there a workflow where I can avoid the crashes or is there a way to make my BP work crash-proof?

Blueprints shouldn’t crash, maybe something’s up with your setup.

In any event, if you save frequently, crashes are just irritating, you won’t lose work.

It’s actually opposite, C++ more likely cause data loss as any errors in C++ cause a crash and it does that as you code becomes part of engine and editor it self run on the engine. So if you do any C++ you need to be carful and save every time you do any code edits and run the game.

You should also avoid hot readload when you editing class structure (technically editing header files) as those in hot reload are number 1 cause of blueprint corruptions as well may cause instabilities and crashes