Does an unused function still have code on a blueprint

My title my not excately say what i mean.

When a blueprint has a custom function that is not used in the graph does it still take up code when its complied? Example: the parent blueprint has a function that the child does not use.

Also, if blueprint A calls a function from blueprint B through an interface, does blueprint A carry the code of that function when its complied?

Im trying to lighten the load of my characters yet have all of them use the same functions for easy editing. I don’t know where to store the functions.

Everything in the Blueprint gets compiled even if not being used.
In-fact everything in the Blueprint is getting parsed which means even nodes that are not connected to anything are also being processed but they are not being compiled.

Ok. Thanks

What about code accessed through an interface? Is that code complied on the blueprint who wants to use the code or only on the blueprint who the code is actaully on?